Edmund at Home


My beloved son André Alexander


My mother Mary Brownless, well known water colour artist, painting near her salmon pink house
Click here for her exhibition at the Lunenburg Art Gallery in 2005:
"Reflections on Nova Scotia, England and India"


with Takeo (born 1994), my godchild, who lives in Wiesbaden


with Konrad (born 2005), my godchild.
What an honour to be asked to become a godparent for the second time!


My neice and third godchild Esperanza - on her confirmation day in April, 2010

My house

The Lennox House, 78 Fox Street in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
built ca. 1805-18 by innkeeper John Lennox,  a municiple heritage property

My house 2

The house (from the other side)
see the house inside...


Sunny day in late December, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia