The Lennox House Kitchen


The big kitchen. My father's Kudu horn in D above mantle piece. The Kudu was shot by my Uncle David in Rhodesia.
When I bought the house parts of the fireplace were missing...cut off to make place
perhaps for  an oil heater.
The door to the left of the fireplace was the way up to the childrens' bedrooms...probably with a ladder.
It is now a nice large kitchen cupboard.


The big kitchen with fire place and Norwegian wood stove for cooking and baking.
Cannons and candle sticks...and the clock which was a wedding present for my parents.
And, of course, all the horse brasses and Welsh love spoons, forks, etc.
And my favourite rocking chair...for reading by the fire...


The self-closing door from 1810 (it hangs on spiral hinges).
The house is painted only with historical colours, inside and out...


The cupboard for plates and beer mugs - made out of old floor boards thinly sliced...not by me though!
The cupboard for the massive cast iron sink I built with two-by-fours and 19 inch wide can't buy those any more!


The magnificent kitchen table (a present from my Mum!). One of her very first paintings (Steam Packet Inn, Topsham).


No back-aches at this sink: I made it six inches higher than is normal today!
Earlier in the 20th century the wall on the left was moved 18 inches into the room. I rebuilt it and put it back where it had been before.
When renovating the small kitchen I removed all the modern walls and found the original holes where the wall had been.