Running Daddies


And the German laws have changed!

They're not perfect but I now have joint custody!
I am so grateful...


I ran for all children throughout the world who cannot see their parents...
no drugs, no energy bars, no massages...just water und bananas...
and what got me through 14 minutes faster than in 2006?
in spite of hip and groin pains, it was just sheer will power...
I just kept thinking that we must acheive our goal:
to get the German laws changed so that all children have the right to see both their parents!


Here's the medal that I'll give to André one day!



Papa-Edmund at the Berlin Main Train Station looking rather fresh after 42 kilometers


Edmund ran for André and Young-Sub


What a wonderful feeling: I made it!

I did it for you all!

I love you André!
Saranghe Young-Sub! Algenna? Algetta!


The wonderful route through East and West Berlin...history as you run! Jazz bands along the route...
And what a feeling as you run through the Bradenburg Gate after 42 km cheered on by thousands: Euphoria!