The Lennox House Inside


Large bedroom, c. 1890, with the harpsichord which I built in 1973.


The coffee table was going to be thrown had been painted, had no top and three legs were longer than the fourth.
It was originally a high table with leaves, so I  had the legs cut to be the same length. Under the paint was beautiful red wood!
Don Wilson stripped the table for me and put a nice top on it!


The bedroom has thee windows...great for the sea breeze at night!


The very old blanket box which my parents brought from England. And by far the largest door in the house.


The old mirror which my parents had just about as long as they had me.


The upstairs bathroom with an old sink and refurbished cast iron tub...
I needed Gregg Ernst, one of the strongest men on earth, and his son John to help push the tub up the very steep stairs...


"Here is the little door" - mind your head!
The shape of the door follows the original slope of the roof of the Cape Cod house.
It leads to the office and visitors' bedroom.


My office sleeps two...notice the historic Mac Classic on my father's desk, perfect for a heritage house!


The blue
bedroom under the 1810 they slept on hay in an unfinished attic...
A ladder took them up next to the chimney in the big kitchen.


Wooden shingles just like the house would have had in 1810...view looking along Fox Street

The Lennox House Kitchen