Julius Stockhausen

Frankfurt am Main 1884
A Method of Singing, (translated by Sophie Löwe)
Frankfurt am Main, 1884

Julius Stockhausen, Schüler von Garcia, Gesangslehrer an Dr. Hoch's Konservatorium, Frankfurt am Main
Julius Stockhausen, pupil of Garcia, voice teacher at 
Dr. Hoch's Konservatorium, Frankfurt Main

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Bild von Julius Stockhausen


Julius Stockhausen's Gesangsmethode, Leipzig: C. F. Peters, 1884.
His own autographed and annotated copy.
The English and German versions were very kindly lent to me by Renate Wirth of Frankfurt, (1920-2011).
She was also a musician and was the granddaughter of Julius Stockhausen and Emanuel Wirth. Wirth played viola from 1877 to 1906 in the Joachim Quartet.


Dedication to his mother Margarete Stockhausen née Schmuck, a Sopran from Gebweiler, Alsace.



Julius Stockhausen: A Method of Singing:
London, Ever & Co., 1884. His own autographed copy


Dedication to his mother Margarethe Stockhausen née Schmuck